This past weekend I spent a bit of time looking back at my life and where I have been, at the beginning of June, over the past 5 years. Luckily, for those of us in our mid-late 20s, we have the luxury to look back "through the cloud." We are the first generation to have our lives published via social media and while we often freit over privacy and how we hate most of what is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. it's also a blessing. We are able to look back at the innocent laughs, the not so innocent adventures, the girls that stole our hearts, and even the hearts we reluctantly (and perhaps regrettably) broke. 

5 years ago I was off to Europe with one of my best friends, as we traveled all over Western Europe. That summer included the most amazing time of my entire life, studying abroad in Urbino, Italy. Urbino incubated the strongest friendships I have, as well as an introduction to the one girl who changed my life forever. Ah, looking back through the timeline. 

The past 5 June's have included moving to San Francisco ('08), leaving San Francisco for law school ('09), leaving law school for business school ('10), leaving business school to go back to San Francisco ('11), and thus leaving San Francisco to go back to business school ('12). WTF?!?! 

I have met the most INCREDIBLE people and I have been fortunate enough to experience some of the most AMAZING cities, countries, places, and cultures in the world. I have worked as an engineer, in technology, with start-ups, with Fortune 500s, I have had dreams broken and new ones created. I've screwed up, wow - royally screwed up, I've left ideas and companies that I still to this day think are going to change the world, and I've held on too long to some ideas. What is SO crazy is that it is all right there, in the cloud. 

No one has captured this concept greater than my friend Kyle Rutkin, who is one of the people I was blessed enough to meet along this wild and crazy journey that has been the past 5 years. Kyle is an up and coming artist who writes about the things we ALL experience; life, love, and the post-college conflict. Most recently, he tells the story of looking back at our documented lives in his newest book - A Life Told From the Cloud. Kyle's book is an incredible tale of one's memories via social media and he's currently raising money on Kickstarter to have his book published. No need to say much more, check it out, he doesn't disappoint:

As Kyle wrote in one of his recent blog post, I challenge each of you to look back at your timeline. Check out the laughs, the tears, the one(s) that got away, and the friendships that made it all possible. Each of us can do this... because it's all in the cloud. 



06/11/2012 12:05am

This is so awesome, Carl. It's so crazy how the friends that come and go throughout our timeline tell a story all in itself. It's also crazy that all the memories you've had on your journey, seems oh so similar to mine. Wow, did I screw some things up too. But at the end of the day, there is no way we're going to stop pushing for greatness. Great post buddy.


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