On a day when contemplation, irritation, and suspension all seem to collide at the cornerstone of my mental capacity, I am faced with a predicament that most of my colleagues in the field of individualism and self-creation often face. The predicament is not one of simple solutions or even one to which I am at ease to explain, but rather it lies nestled deep within the confines of professional desires that are too frequently clouded by personal constraints.

So, wtf am I even talking about? In the field of individualism and self creation lie some of the most innovative and game changing players in the business realm. They are those people who stare the naysayers square in the eye and say, “yes, I hear you, but I refuse to allow you to dictate my course.” They are the ones who vision innovation, and have the where with all for not only innovation but also the creation that comes from the conception. You see, innovation is meaningless, unless it means something to someone else (in the business world, your customer is ideal, haha).

It is people such as these that I hope to shape my professional livelihood around, and because its a framework of individualism and self creation it is recognized that no two paths are the same, therefore, the shape of the course that I travel is merely an inspirational guideline. But the business men and women who have traveled down said path are often faced with the same predicament that I am staring at today and that is when you realize that you just may, indeed, be different. It’s a daunting realization to fully accept that the norms of life that society places just are not built for you and for you to work towards optimal happiness and success in life you will, no, you must, fight the winds, adjust your sails, and willingly go in the direction that your ship is crafted to go in.

Contemplation. Irritation. Suspension. These feelings, these actions, these concepts eclipse where I stand, today. I contemplate my future. I am irritated with the structure my MBA program forces me to succumb to. I am in suspension has as to where I should be focusing my efforts. They say that what lies before us and what lies behind us are nothing compared to what lie within us, but the truth of the matter is that what lies within us is a culmination one’s past experiences coupled with the desires of the future.

This is a work-in-progress piece, and one I will finish this weekend and look to post Sunday night. I know this all sounds spacey, but I have a feeling it might just resonate with a few of you…



02/16/2011 7:43pm

Very good stuff bwies. I wrote a similar note titled The American Dream. Same ideas and concept, I am all about 'flying my own flag'......its my life and my success

02/22/2011 8:26am

Right on, Brett. I hope that our generation creates a shift in the norms of society in both a professional and personal sense. There is power in chasing your dreams, yet so many times complacency controls our destiny.


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