So, I haven’t posted in a while, which is odd for someone who has so recently started their own blog. To be honest, it’s a bit out of character for me, because I usually have endless hours of thoughts. During this time of Thanksgiving, I have spent a lot of time reflecting (for those who know me, I know surprise, surprise, I’m thinking).


Do you ever have those nights where your mind is anywhere but here? All I can picture right now is a beach, a fishing boat in the distance, my laptop and of course my blackberry. I’m ok with the latter two items for I understand they are essential for me to be able to facilitate the lifestyle I am striving to achieve (and I need to be able to facebook). I just cannot seem to control my mind tonight; I am stuck on this island of thoughts, surrounded by the beauty that is outside the realm of reality. I cannot always understand why we fight to sit in our self-imposed creation of what we feel we must live in compared to what we actually exist in. Why is it that we must control everything from our thoughts, to our ambitions, to our desires, etc? I feel as though often times we live life according to a rock ballad where the structure is rather set, and we all know how the story ends before it ever begins. Why don’t we ever live according, to say, a David Guetta album? Ahh, could you imagine, the beat comes, it goes, the adrenaline pumps and you’re just moved by the emotion of the entire musical experience. Experiences should drive the inner force yarning for the meaning of life… not society.


I may be stuck in the abyss of life tonight where what I am thinking, and where my mind are going, are completely off the charts; but, I cannot seem to fight this urge to break all the norms.


Sadly, I’ve started to realize that 1) I’ve got to make some decisions in life and my constant floundering in indecision and complete lack of commitment (to anything) is going to start biting me in the tail.


I can say this… for once, I am enjoying the process, because if we can’t enjoy the process, what’s the point?



Brett Phillips
12/06/2010 2:07pm

I have visited this 'island' you speak of, and as of late I am beginning to think I may not be just visiting anymore. As for the rock ballad......no one has heard mine

01/13/2011 9:10am

Brett, there comes a point where our thoughts will consume and control us if we do not chose to control them first. I may still be stuck on an island of my thoughts, but I'm realizing more than ever that I must create my own fate for destiny is a matter of choice.

As for the rock ballad, no one has heard anyone else's. The ballad is personal to each individual person, but it's the structure of the process that we frequently fall into.


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